Revolutionize 3D Medical Education at YGU

First Time in Armenia Teaching Medical Education in Stereoscopic 3D

Technology brings your classrooms alive in a virtual reality like education ecosystem and it is made in consultation with eminent indian doctors and surgeons.

Medical Science comes alive with MediMagic. Explore inner space from the inside out. MediMagic gives medical students a 3D view of the human anatomy for understanding concepts like never before. It is a truly revolutionary tool that enable the budding doctors of the future.

World's First Immersive 3D Learning Platform At Yeravan Gladzor University

A Giant Leap in Medical Education

We transform our teaching into stereoscopic 3D to experience the science at a touching distance. Use S3D MediMagic for unbelievable depth perception and ensure every student receives equal attention. It is designed based on research of cognitive learning habits. MediMagic courses are consistent with Mayers Principles of Multimedia Learning.

We Provide to our Students An App Unlike any other

Incredibly easy user-interface with an unparalleled experience, MediMagic App is a student's learning companion anytime, anywhere. Stunning in-depth understanding and multi-angle visualization for an enhanced learning experience with engaging content. Personalized learning through pre practice, and post learning for better understanding